Commercial Auto Insurance

Auto insurance for commercial vehicles, or Commercial Vehicle Insurance, is self-explanatory. This offers insurance coverage for vehicles owned by your company, and typically includes coverage for situations not covered by a personal auto policy.  It can also extend coverage while you or your employees use their personal autos for Business use; such as business related meeting or simple errands such as running to the post office. 

Further, more comprehensive policies can be designed to cover damaged goods and cargo, stolen inventory, and more.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance is essential for any business that owns, leases, hires or rents vehicles. The amounts sought in auto accidents claims can be significant, especially if there is a company vehicle involved.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance is only as simple or as complicated as it needs to be. Just as every business is different, so is every business’s insurance needs. Sit down with one of our professionals to determine exactly what kind of plan is best suited to protect you and your business.

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