Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber losses are continuing to outpace themselves year over year, it is an irresponsible business owner who ignores their exposure in the online arena. That is why Cyber Liability Insurance was developed. This is a type of policy that insures your business with regard to lawsuits that result from online activities. This can include defamation suits, transmitting computer viruses (either accidentally or on purpose), releasing a client’s information online, and other instances in which you’ll need to protect yourself and your business. 

Cyber Breaches are expensive, more then half of small businesses that fall to cybercrime will close their doors within six months of the attack.

Cyber Liability is no longer for the Tech Space – small retail shops carry a significant cyber exposure these days. 

A Cyber Liability Policy can provide coverage for you and your customers.

  • First party coverage provides protection to the business for further disruption as well as expenses to notify customers and restore your businesses name via public outreach.
  • Third party coverage offers protection for your business from the lawsuits that could arise.

To learn more about your exposure to cyber crimes and the cost to protect your business contact one of our JF Murray insurance professionals today.

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