General Liability Insurance

The purpose of General Liability Insurance is simple: it’s designed to protect your company, yourself as the owner as well as your employees in the event you are found negligent or a lawsuit is filed against you – and in the world of business, lawsuits are not uncommon.   General liability is as it sounds: it can cover liability issues of many types, including:

  • Personal injury
  • On-site accidents
  • Medical expenses
  • Advertising injury
  • Damages resulting from your products or services
  • And more

Ideally, such policies should be tailored to your specific needs in order to best protect your business from claims stemming from property damage, bodily injury, or negligence.

Under a General Liability policy, both your legal defense as well as any damages would be covered in cases of your services or products causing harm to an individual or entity. Medical bills may also be covered if someone is injured on company property, along with other protections.

For full details on how a General Liability Insurance policy can protect you and your interests, speak to one of our professionals today.

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