Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine coverage is a special coverage and can encompass coverage for all types of property, depending on the insureds needs.  Some of the popular coverages are:

  • Miscellaneous tools coverage (Ex: coverage for all the small hand tools in your truck)
  • Mobile equipment (Ex: lawn mower or backhoe)
  • Property in transit – delivering your customers goods in your vehicle
    • Property policies limit coverage to the address listed on the policy
  • Inland Transit coverage – coverage for goods you ship with a common carrier or trucking company
    • Can be written on a blanket basis to avoid having to purchase insurance through the shipper– USPS, UPS, FedEx, ect.
  • Installation Floater – coverage for your product for when it is being installed in a building, home, ect.
  • Ocean Cargo – coverage for your goods when they are shipped via air or sea.
  • Builders Risk – covers losses to a building while being constructed or during major renovations.
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