Marine Insurance

Businesses that operate on or near the water are highly specialized, and as a result, their insurance needs to be highly specialized too.

Running any kind of business can be complex, but among the biggest challenges is running a marine-related business, especially when it comes to navigating the laws and the complexities of insurance. Regulations from every level of government (local, county, state, federal) will effect what you do on a daily basis, and you’ll have in-depth insurance needs, sometimes mandatory and sometimes just highly recommended.

The types of businesses that operate in this field are wide and varied, from services that repair and outfit commercial vessels to small marinas designed for personal boats, along with commercial marinas, boat yards, and many others. The work is just as varied and complex, requiring highly specialized knowledge, skills, and experience.

All of this means that unforeseen events can have a big impact on your operations.

But that’s why insurance exists. To provide you with peace of mind.

If you have a marine-related business, knowing the types of insurance you are required to carry and those that are available to you is essential. By sitting down with one of our experts, we can review your insurance portfolio, ensure you do not have overlapping coverage (thereby saving you some money), and be sure trouble areas in your operations are covered.

To learn more about marine insurance, review your coverage, and see what coverage is a good fit for you, contact one of our JF Murray insurance professionals today.

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