When it comes to insuring your Marina against liability, you pose a unique concern because members of the public have access to areas, services, and infrastructure that could expose them to injury.

At a marina, the potential for legal liability is all over the place. People may be working with or near fuel. They could be in the yard checking on the status of their vessel, near tools and equipment. They may even just be at the dock or near their boat or other watercraft. All of these activities are innocuous on the surface, but as any watercraft-focused business owner knows, it doesn’t take much for an accident to happen.

Marine Operators Legal Liability

A MOLL Policy is protection for the Marine Business in the event that boat is damaged while in their “care, custody and control.”
MOLL policies have limits and exclusions that are often overlooked and if you are not aware of such you could face serious financial distress in the event a claim arises.

For marina operators, a Marina Operators Legal Liability Insurance policy is strongly recommended to protect themselves from such claims.

Boat Dealers

Boat Dealers coverage is coverage for boats and motors held for sale in your custody. Every Boat Dealer is unique; developing the coverages and limits you need depends on your characteristics – which we can help you with. The coverage for your stock is often broadened to cover claims against False Pretense, Truth in Lending and Title Errors and Omissions.

To learn more about this type of insurance, contact one of our JF Murray insurance professionals today.

Commercial Charter Boats

Insurance for Commercial Charter Boats is just as unique as all the other requirements that go along with owning a chartered vessel. As the owner of a Charter Boat you are responsible for the safety of your vessel, its crew as well as its guests. In the unfortunate circumstance someone is injured you will be the one responsible if there was any “negligence” on your part. Unfortunately, recent court interpretations of “negligence” have shown that unless someone intentionally hurts themselves, you will likely be found negligent.

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