Home Insurance

Homeowners Insurance is among the most important protections a homeowner can have, created to insure your home and its contents in the case of an unfortunate disaster.

With homeowners insurance, you may be covered to repair or rebuild your home if all or part of it is destroyed. Further, damaged, lost, or stolen contents may be replaced under your home insurance policy.

These policies also protect you in the event of a visitor suffering an injury, such as a slip and fall or other accident.

Homeowners will always have a lot of questions about what will and will not be covered in the case of disaster, great or small. This has never been truer in New Jersey than in the years since Hurricane Sandy, which reminded all of us that our homes are truly fragile things.

  • Will you be covered if you are robbed while on vacation?
  • What if lightning strikes your house?
  • Are you covered in the case of an accidental fire?
  • If a guest is hurt while at your house, are you covered?

These questions and many others are vital to answer, because you’ll never make a bigger investment than you will when you purchase a home. That makes homeowners insurance one of the most important policies you will carry.

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