Watercraft Insurance

From pontoon boats to Jet Skis, sailboats, fishing boats and more, anyone who spends recreational time on the water will tell you that it’s a big part of their life – and that it’s a big investment too. Water-going vessels cost a lot of money to keep and maintain. You certainly don’t want that investment to be at risk thanks to inadequate insurance.

Watercraft insurance is not just for when your vehicle is in the water, either. It also protects you when your boat is at the marina for the winter, is stored in your driveway, when you’re towing your boat somewhere and there is an accident, or it is on the lift for the season.

In the real world, accidents happen even to responsible owners. That’s what insurance is for. And thankfully, a good policy written with your unique needs in mind can ensure you are protected. You have a range of options available to you, too, including Liability, Physical Damage, and Medical Payments coverage.

After all, when you have invested so much into your boat or water vehicle, protecting that investment with Watercraft Insurance is the common sense thing to do.

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